Universal Studios


Universal Studios is not a place I am particularly familiar with, so today we are going to be learning together.. What I’ve heard is that Disney is more for families with young children, and Universal is more enjoyed by teenagers and young adults. And this article I’m reading is that Universal is more attentive to guests and more economical than Disney, but that is just this person’s opinion.

Every Universal resort except for Cabana Bay is going to give you Express Unlimited Passes which would be like Disney’s FastPasses. They will help you cut down on your wait time significantly, no more than twenty minutes. You will still have to buy park admission, but unlike Disney, you will be able to buy admission to Universal at the gates. You do need toknow that some of the most popular rides are not included in their Express Unlimited deals, but like 90% of the rides are included.

You can also get the VIP Experience for around three hundred at normal times and around four hundred at peak times like Christmas and spring break. In this package you will get a guided tour. Your guide will pick eight rides for you and your friends to enjoy together. You will et a free continental breakfast, and special seating at their parades and shows.

I would love to help you plan your next trip to Universal. Please let me know if you are interested.

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