Going to Disney World?


Disney World is one of the popular destinations for summertime travel. But hear this. It is a crowded place, especially in these months. And in order to make sure you get into the parks there, you need to stay at one of Disney’s resorts. They can even deny the tickets that you have purchase purchased online, and I’m not sure you will get either your money back or another day at the parks. Disney, like everyone else, has to follow fire safety laws. But I guess they don’t want to miss out on sales in people do sometime not show up for whatever reason.

It is best to make reservations to the places you know you will want to eat as soon as you know your plans. Disney takes reservations six months in aadvance. you will especially want to reserve

Again because of Fastpass, you are going to want to do some research and figure out which rides are most important to you and your family. Make plans on which rides you want to do in which order.

You should also know that you are going to do some serious walking on your trip. I’m talking like the average of several miles a day. If you are a couch potato, you are going to want to start to walk some each day.

Please let me know if you are interested in going to Disney World I would love to help you book a trip.

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