Going on a Disney cruise?


When I begin telling people about being a travel agent, the response I often get is, “Do you sell Disney cruises?already covered in your cruise fare. And Disney’s policy for tipping is that you are charged one surcharge that will cover everyone that has served you on your voyage. Should you want to adjust that rate, you can go to “. And the answer is , “I sure do,”. These things are so popular that They never have  to offer any kind of sale on these things. Their ships are always full.. Here are some things you should know before taking your first Disney cruise.

First, you need pretty much order anything you want, any time you want and you won’t have to pay anything extra. Food and soda is pretty much covered in your cruise fare. And about tipping, Disney makes things fairly simple. You just have to pay a surcharge at the end of your trip, and that will cover everyone who has served you on your cruise. If you want to adjust the charge any way, you just need to go to Guest Services and have them adjust your charges.

Disney seems to stay pretty family friendly in everything that they do. You aren’t going to find a lot of nightlife on these ships. You are going to have so much to do during the day that you’ll be glad to sleep at night. They do have Broadway type shows of some of their more popular movies as well as first run movies. Please let me know if you want to go on a Disney cruise. I would love to help you out.

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