Aulani #2


Aulani is kind of the best of both worlds for travelers who love Disney. You are going to have a very nice resort in Hawaii no less, but you will be surrounded by Disney characters. What more could a family want? Then again, this might not be the best place to take young families. Disney is there, but it is kind of in the background most of the time. And you’ll also want to keep in mind is that Hawaii is a pretty expensive destination.

You are going to have several pools to choose from. There is what is called the lazy river. That is what is in the picture above. It was too beautiful not to share. Of course, I’ve always enjoyed looking at pools, they’re just pretty to me somehow. There is also a main pool behind the hotel.

You will want to remember that Hawaii, and Aulani specifically, have their busiest times when school is not in session. Those who homeschool might want to go another time. Aulani is also a place that couples would enjoy going by themselves. They’re competing with the resorts of Hawaii. They have to be nice.

How long should you go? It really depends on what you like to do on your trips. Do you like just hanging by the water and eating good food? You may want to stay seven or eight days. Do you want to explore Hawaii? You might want to stay ten days or more. If you just want to to see this wonderful resort, three days might be sufficient.

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