Get married at Disney World

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It’s Saturday, and my week has been pretty crazy, and I’ve not done everything I’d like. Hopefully things will settle down some, and I will get back to more normal work stuff next week.. Oh and we have a huge family in a couple of weeks, which I’m very excited about.. I’m not sure how long we are going to be gone. I’ll let you know as I know more.

What is your dream wedding? Is it a church wedding? Do you have a favorite outdoor spot you want to be married at? Or is it Disney World?. You can be married at Disney World.. Couples can be married in a beautiful garden can accommodate up to one hundred people. The backdrop will be Cinderella’s Castle.

And then will you decide to honeymoon at Disney World, or will you go somewhere else? And of course, you will have to take your children to Disney to show them where you were married. I am going to stop here. I would love to know your thoughts.


Hotels for children

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Hotels usually cater to adults. I mean, hotels have spas, ¬†free drinks, chocolates. But really it’s the adults that are paying for the hotels, so it kind of makes sense for hotels to give the adults the things they like. But some hotels have special things for the children too. Below are some examples of these.

  • There is a hotel at the Chicago O’hare International Airport, which is called Hilton Chicago O’Hare. They are going to give special activity kits, which would be especially nice if you are flying out. Each kit comes in a drawstring bag and comes with age appropriate toys and coloring books.
  • There is a Japanese hotel in the Big Apple. They are going to give your children a rubber ducky when you stay with them. Older children are going to get pencils with themes from the city on them.
  • Westin La Palamo Resort and spa has several different pools. So it should come as no surprise that the resort hands ou floaties and goggle to the children who visit them. The resort also has fun food for the children.

I would love to give you more information or help you make reservations to any of these places. Please just let me know.

Ways to save

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If you want to take a family summer vacation, but you know you are going to need to be careful on how much you spend, here are some tips that might help.

  • You might want to consider going to a very new hotel. Sometimes brand new hotels will offer big discounts, especially if you will write them a good review.
  • Booking early is usually going to save you money. Hotels are like most businesses, they like to know when the money is coming in. It also helps to know how to prepare.
  • You used to be able to get good deals by booking at the last minute, but that is getting to be less and less true.
  • If you can, travel during the off season. Hotel love having people when things are quiet. You will also likely get some extra services going on in the off season.

Look for hotels that have free breakfasts. Some hotels serve dinner or appetizers as well. You might want to look for those places as well.


I would love to know any other ideas that you might have.

Cruising and food

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These days there is so much that you can do on cruises. Cruiseshave everything from water parks to cultural events to wine tastings and cooking classes. But one thing everyone gets to enjoy is eating. And eating is no longer just choosing between one or two dining options. Most ships are going to have a plethora of food choices, everything from pizza and burgers to fine dining experiences.

Cunard is refurbishing their Queen Mary 2, and part of the changes will be in the dining . One breakfast and lunch that was once named the Winter Garden will now be called the Carintha Lounge. This will be a place you can get some different breakfast and lunch. You will also be able to get specialty coffees. Another place you might want to try is The Veranda Specialy Restaurant which is going to be a grill Restaurant, reminiscent of a restaurant that was on the first Queen Mary.

Viking has what it calls the “kitchen experience”. Now do be warned, you are going to pay about two hundred extra for this experience. And it is pretty unusual for Viking to charge extra for anything. You will start this experience by shopping for the food that you will cook and eat. Later you will gather the food and then you will enjoy the feast.

Let me know if you are interested in either of these.

Why go to Karisma

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I’m hoping things get quieter for me starting tomorrow.. Our family is gathering as aunts, uncles, cousins next month, and I’m so ready to go. I’m feeling the need for a rest..

If you’re feeling the same way, you might want to take another look at Karisma. And here are some reasons you should.

  • First, it is going to be pretty inexpensive to get down to Mexico. Several of the major airlines are running sales on flights to Mexico.
  • arisma takes food very seriously. Everything there is gourmet. You are going to get fresh food, and there is a wide variety of what you can eat. You will also have a wide selection of wines.
  • They have great resorts. Everything is beautiful, they have swim up suites and things like that.
  • Summer is always a great time to go on vacation. It’s also a great time to reconnect with your family.

Don’t be one of these

I try to to keep this blog pretty positive. I tryto tell about the good news instead of the bad and of course keep everything very family friendly. But the article on what people hate in their fellow flyers kind of caught my eye.. But I am going to tell you how to avoid being the person no one likes.

  • It is imperative that you get to the airport in plenty of time. No one likes having to rush you through. And no one likes having waiting on one person to get on the flight. Please be as early as you can, especially if you are part of a group.
  • If you don’t fly often it would be wise to even be earlier so that you can get through everything without a problem. Things just tend to take longer when you don’t know what you need to do, or where things are.
  • Some people like to sleep on planes no matter the time. Other people like to read or watch movies. Be quiet. You will also want to bring food and toys to keep your children quiet as well.
  • take up your space. Traveling can be hard on everyone. You don’t want to get on everyone’s already frayed nerves by making them uncomfortable.

Can you think of other tips? Please let me know.

The Grand Lucayan Resort

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I’m horribly distracted today. But I need to go on and get some things Done, because I have other things to do this evening.

Today we are going to to discuss a resort that is in the Bahamas. And something you may want to keep i mind is that the Bahamas is close to the US. It’s a very quick flight if you live on the East Coast.

You are going to get a nice view no matter which suite you are put into. For those that do not get an ocean view, there are beautiful gardens you can enjoy. You will be able to choose from one, two, or three bedroom suites. Going to the newest Section will ensure that you will not only get luxurious accommodations, you will also get exclusive rights to their four newest restaurants. Other options include big suites with great views or the ultimate in privacy.

You are also going to have lots of choices when it comes to what to eat. You are going to find anything from the exotic to the normal.. I would love to help you plan a vacation to this or somewhere like it. Please let me know if you are interested.

Traveling for Passover?

Reading the travel news headlines can be somewhat like reading regular news. There are articles that I find sad, articles about places you can practice debauchery and the best places to stay in Colorado if you want to do a marijuana trip. And so today coming across this article on Passover travel made me smile for more than one reason.

The first thing I thought was kind of funny was that the article called this a new trend. And maybe it is in the last couple hundred years. But the first Passover was all about traveling. And good Jews have always loved getting to Jerusalem for the Passover. But even in the Fiddler on the Roof, which took place in the late 1930’s, they were hoping to be in Jerusalem for the Passover.

I do think Jews and other people who celebrate Passover are looking beyond Jerusalem and to other destinations when they want to travel over this holiday these days. Nicer hotels often cater to your needs. You can request a kosher diet. And you can also request a special room for your feast. Please let me know if you are interested in anything like this.

Ft Lauderdale

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It’s kind of crazy but it feels like the more I want to do, the more trouble I have doing this. I can’t figure out what I want to write about. The computer does funny things. But anyway I’m getting started now.

Ft Lauderdale, Florida is a lot like Miami, only not as huge. If you are looking for a place to go and just chill out at the beach, you may want to check place out. It does have some great beaches you and your family can enjoy together. And since there are great beaches, you are going to find plenty of water sports to enjoy. Boating is one of those, and FtLauderdale is kind of known as another Venice.

Like any good city that wants to attract tourists, Ft Laudele is going to have a lot of nice restaurants. Their specialties seem to be Italian or Mexican. And of course if you don’t want to leave the beach to eat, you can always pick up something at a restaurant or even the grocery store and have some great picnics.

The city is also close to the Everglades. This is a great place to explore. You can take tours on airboats, or you can explore on your own. Here you will get to see a lot of different kinds of animals and other kinds of nature. Please let me know if you have any questions about any of this.


I’m a travel agent, and so part of my job is to keep up with travel news. And Fathom has definitely been in the news a lot lately. Fathom hopes to impact the world through travel. They want to connect us Americans with people we would ot have likely met otherwise.

Fathom is going to start by doing trips to two different destinations, Cuba and the Dominican Republic… These trips wil be trips where you will be working side by side the natives to help make a difference in their lives. And oh yes, Fathom is part of the Carnival Cooperation, so you will be cruising to and from your destination.

So what are these journeys like? You will sail on a normal cruise ship with all of the comforts these ships usually afford. However, besides having fun, you will be working on getting to know your fellow cruisers and building your teams. There is balance between work and play each day. And I think you will be spending each night on board each ship.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.