Glamping anyone?

I’m busy these days for sure. Making sure this gets done each day and e-mail is checked, I’m also working on my book each day and doing some training with NCL. And now I’m trying to get on some blogs and figure out some people to interview me on their blogs. I would love to find some life coaches who are also mothers. If you know anyone of that description, please let me know.

I must confess that I’m not a big camper.. And by that I mean, I don’t like sleeping on the ground in a tent. I like being outside, cooking food on open fires, making s’mores and hanging out with friends. But I’m having to be a lot more careful about where I sleep as I get older and have trouble with my back.. That’s just one of the fun things about being being disabled.. I don’t like being really cold or too hot either.

But there is this place in Florida called Westgate’s River Ranch Ranch,, and this is a place where you can stay in luxurious teepees. Everyone gets to sleep in beds in these things. And tat’s just the start of the luxury.

You will have your own heating or air unit. Each teepee has a microwave and refrigerator. You will be served morning offee. There will be concierge services, and lots of activities at the resort you can take part in. Please let me know if you are interested in something like this.

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