When is the best time to book summer trips?

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I’m still trying to decide whether I am going to do this and check e-mail on Saturday, which is my birthday. I think I am going to just play that by ear .

Your children are starting to count down the days until their summer vacation starts. And you know your whole family needs a family vacation, but you don’t know the best time to plan a trip is. My advice would be to start on working out the details of your trip as soon you can figure out the dates to your trip. I have a few reasons for saying this.

  • First, you are going to be more likely to get exactly what you want. Most places fill up quickly over the summer months.
  • A lot of places are going to have some good discounts around this time. Tell me what kind of vacation you are looking for, and I can help you figure out the best deals.
  • Booking early is especially good if you are trying to plan for a large groups. A hotel might be able to get you one room at the very last minute, but they will not be able to get you a whole block of rooms.
  • Booking something is going to make you that much more likely to actually take a vacation. You are far more likely to skip vacation this year.

I would love to know any other ideas you might have.

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