I am going to go on and just do a few things.. I am hanging out with my family as we’re getting ready for my birthday party tonight.

As you’re thinking about summer vacation, you might be wondering which hotels are most expensive.. The Ritz-Carlton/Marriott is the most expensive. But you are going to find a lot of nice amenities with these hotels. And it really depends a lot on which part of the country you want to vacation in.

The Hyatt brand is probably be the next most expensive\nicest hotels. You are going to find a wide range of hotels in this brand. Wyndham would kind of be in the same category..

All of these will cost somewhere between one and two hundred a night. If you’re looking for something under a hundred a night, you are going to probably want to go with something like Super 8 EconoLodge. But again a lot of it is going to depend on when you are going and when. I can Help you to figure out the place for you and your family. Just let me know.

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