How clean are hotel rooms?


One of my sisters had a friend get married last weekend. So since she hasn’t mastered the art of being two places at once, I am going to her place this weekend so she can spoil me. We are going to have all kinds of good things to eat, good movies to watch and lots of girl time.

I have to be honest, it’s been a while since I’ve slept in a hotel, I think it has been about four years actually. My family stays with family or friends more than anything.. But because of something that has been said on Reddit recently, the cleaniness of hotel rooms has been called into question.

First, let me say that all hotels have a policy of changing the sheets on every bed that was used each morning. If you don’t think your sheets have been changed, you can always call the front desk and ask them to change your sheets.

Some people think that staying at a nicer hotel is gong to ensure that you will get a cleaner room, but that ‘s not necessarily true. It really depends on the hotel itself.

I would love to know some of your questions about about travel. I would love to answer them on this blog.

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