I’m a travel agent, and so part of my job is to keep up with travel news. And Fathom has definitely been in the news a lot lately. Fathom hopes to impact the world through travel. They want to connect us Americans with people we would ot have likely met otherwise.

Fathom is going to start by doing trips to two different destinations, Cuba and the Dominican Republic… These trips wil be trips where you will be working side by side the natives to help make a difference in their lives. And oh yes, Fathom is part of the Carnival Cooperation, so you will be cruising to and from your destination.

So what are these journeys like? You will sail on a normal cruise ship with all of the comforts these ships usually afford. However, besides having fun, you will be working on getting to know your fellow cruisers and building your teams. There is balance between work and play each day. And I think you will be spending each night on board each ship.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this. Please let me know.

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