The Grand Lucayan Resort

630x355 (11)

I’m horribly distracted today. But I need to go on and get some things Done, because I have other things to do this evening.

Today we are going to to discuss a resort that is in the Bahamas. And something you may want to keep i mind is that the Bahamas is close to the US. It’s a very quick flight if you live on the East Coast.

You are going to get a nice view no matter which suite you are put into. For those that do not get an ocean view, there are beautiful gardens you can enjoy. You will be able to choose from one, two, or three bedroom suites. Going to the newest Section will ensure that you will not only get luxurious accommodations, you will also get exclusive rights to their four newest restaurants. Other options include big suites with great views or the ultimate in privacy.

You are also going to have lots of choices when it comes to what to eat. You are going to find anything from the exotic to the normal.. I would love to help you plan a vacation to this or somewhere like it. Please let me know if you are interested.

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