Ways to save

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If you want to take a family summer vacation, but you know you are going to need to be careful on how much you spend, here are some tips that might help.

  • You might want to consider going to a very new hotel. Sometimes brand new hotels will offer big discounts, especially if you will write them a good review.
  • Booking early is usually going to save you money. Hotels are like most businesses, they like to know when the money is coming in. It also helps to know how to prepare.
  • You used to be able to get good deals by booking at the last minute, but that is getting to be less and less true.
  • If you can, travel during the off season. Hotel love having people when things are quiet. You will also likely get some extra services going on in the off season.

Look for hotels that have free breakfasts. Some hotels serve dinner or appetizers as well. You might want to look for those places as well.


I would love to know any other ideas that you might have.

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