Places for pets

This was yesterday’s. We’re having internet problems.


Last week we talked about some hotels that catered to children. Today let’s look at some places that make other members of our family feel special.

There is a place in San Francisco called the Fairmount San Francisco. Here you will find everything you need to feed your dog. You will also be provided with candles so that your dog’s smell will not permeate the whole place.


Sure, a lot of resorts are going to have nice spas for humans, but does anyone have a spa for your pets? The answer is that Vermont’s Topnotch Resort and spa does. They will also give your dogs treats when you request turn down service. The dogs won’t get chocolate, but I think that you will.


And in Savannah, Georgia there is a place called The Four-Star Brice. They do not charge extra for pets, no matter the size or breed. They will also provide bowls and beds for your pets. And actually Savannah itself is a very pet friendly place.


In Scottsdale, Arizona there is a hotel called Hyatt Regency. Here you are going to find doggie pillows to ensure they rest well. You are also going to have a whole menu of dog foods you can choose from. I’m sure they’ll have food that you will enjoy as well.

Please let me know if you are interested in any of these places. I’ll be more than happy to help you out.



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