I need a break

I’m not good at following my own advice when it comes to taking a break. Oh, I’ll take an evening off or something like that.. But I used to go out of town with my parents a lot more than I do these days. Sometimes I’d be without internet for a few days each month. I think that’s part of why I have trouble taking off. I feel like I shouldn’t take time off when I don’t have to.

And this is a job I truly enjoy doing. Believe me, I used to do data entry for a few years, and I had no problems taking time away from the job there. That was not a meaningful job. But this job job is something that I enjoy, I find meaning in it. And I want to get this business to where it is actually making money. I have so many ideas of how to do that.

I’m writing a book on why we need to take breaks from work. And yes, I’m starting to feel some of the things that are symptoms that I am wearing down. I just feel tired. I’m not thinking clearly lately.

It sounds like Mom and I need to do some family things this week. So I feel like I really need to take this time and just rest and not think about work. I’m not sure how long we are going to need to be doing family stuff, it’s just kind of a wait and see.. I have no real idea when I’ll get back.. I think it is going to be somewhere between a week or two. I will get back with you after that.


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