New Waves Hotel

630x355 (11)

I am going to go on get back to work. Things are kind of crazy with my family on several fronts. I know I am going to at least take a couple of other vacations this summer. But for right now I know I need to do and then get on to sorting e-mail and all that, so I am going to get started.

Waves Hotel is going to be a great spot whether you are looking for a family vacation or an adult getaway. This hotel is divided into an adults-only section, and one that is more kid friendly. The hotel has a focus on both mind and body wellness. Both sections are going to have excellent beach access for everyone that comes.

The seventy room accommodation focuses on simplicity, but they also pay attention to all the details. You are going to find king-sized beds in each of the rooms. They are also going to have modern televisions, laptop safes and mini fridges to name some of the luxuryies.. You will be able to choose from fifteen dining options between them and their sister properties. Please let me know if you are interested in something like this.


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