Why use a travel agent? #2

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I am going to brag on my host agency.. Some travel agents who work from home go into business all by themselves. My guess is that most of them have a lot experience before they decide to do this. Being in this business almost four years, I still feel like I would be lost without a host agency. They provide a lot of training, which I need to take more advantage of. Being part of an agency gives me sports to pick other travel agents’ brains on any number of topics.

Being disabled I haven’t figured out how to take advantage of this, but hotels, cruises and other travel venues give travel agents discounts. And this is more than just professional courtesy. When travel agents go and explore these different venues, it helps them get more knowledgeable more excited about the specific products.

Are you looking at doing something on your bucket list, and what you really want to do is to get vip access to some of these places, but don’t know how to do that? Call a travel agent. We can get you access to all kinds of things that your average person will not have a clue how to do.. I would love to know your thoughts on this

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