Costa for families

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I am the oldest of eight siblings, and I think I’ve shared on here that most of our trips were to see families or friends. Bu there is a pretty big age gap between me and the youngest. It’s something like twenty-one years. And each of us have very different tastes in what we like to do.. Bringing a family on a vacation together can be challenging, and one of the more challenging groups to please is the teenagers. They’re the ones that are most likely going to complain if they don’t have phone service or wi-fi. They also hate had nothing to do.

Costa has things that will keep everyone in your family busy. For the adults, you can choose if you want to take Italian classes, or cooking classes. There is also a spa where you can have your choice of a lot of different treatments you can enjoy. And there are different shops you can enjoy when you get tired of laying out by the pool or enjoying all the fine food.

But what about the kids? Costa splits kids up, and the first age group is three to six. They will have programs all day long and are going to do a lot of arts and crafts. The next group, which is ages seven to eleven, will do much the same thing. In addition to arts and crafts, there will be volleyball, basketball, along with all kinds of fun in the pools. They split older kids up twelve to fourteen and then fifteen to seventeen. They will have a wide variety of things teenagers will enjoy doing. And they will be with their peers instead of with Mom and Dad all day, which likely works well for everyone. Teens will be able to do art. There are going to be parties for every age group too.. Let me know if you are interested.

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