Millennials and travel agents

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Being in business for yourself leaves you wearing many hats, that’s for sure. You have to learn about whichever business you are in, but you also have to learn how to get prospects and turn them into paying clients, figuring out the best group to work with, trying to meet with other business owners so that you might be able to help each other.. On and on it goes.

I enjoy most everything I’m doing. But one thing I particularly enjoy doing is learning about people.. It is said that millennials are going to like using travel agents. Before we get into the whys of this, let’s make sure we know who millennials are. I had to look that up myself. This is the group of people that turned twenty around the year 2000.

Millennials like to learn. They like to explore. They like having things explained to them. People are also guessing that millennials are going to be pretty well off, so they might have more money to spend on travel.

Millennials are also huge on social media, so it is important for us travel agents, so that’s something else I need to figure out more.. Thankfully, I am able to network with other travel agents.

I would love to know your thoughts on all this.


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