Visit San Antonio

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Have you ever been to San Antonio. My family went once because I have a brother who was in the Air Force, and we went to see him graduate from basic training. We stayed with a family and had a lot of fun with them.. But today let’s look at some reasons you and your family might want to go.

I know that they have Sea World in the area. Their newest attraction allows you to interact with dolphins. Dolphins are my favorite animal, so I think that this would be very cool. You are actually going to be able to swim with the dolphins. They’ve also recently expanded their dolphin area.

There is a museum full of Mayan artifacts. Here your family can explore different aspects of the Mayan culture. And it is very much a hands-on museum, which will be a good thing for the little people in your family.

This city also has a Six flags. And of course, like most amusement parks, they’re always adding new rides. This is especially true of roller coasters.. I’m assuming they’ll also have water rides for those hot summer afternoons.

Do you have a disabled child? You might want to try Morgan Wonderland which caters to the disabled. This park welcomes everyone, having something everyone can enjoy, no matter their disability. Their newest attraction is the ferris wheel.

Have you ever been to San Antonio? I would love to know your thoughts.


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