More on Harmony of the Seas

630x355 (3)

Having the largest cruise ship in the world is big news, so let’s look at this more today.

This ship is actually divided into neighborhoods to make things more manageable. The neighborhoods pretty much all have shops, restaurants, and entertainment in them. Anyone in the crew should be able to help you find anything you are looking for.

One thing you’re likely to want to try is Royal Caribbean’s popular restaurant called Johnny Rocket’s. This is a burger joint which will make you feel like you were back in the sock hop era. They have a real soda fountain where they mix syrups with soda water. They will have cheddar cheese to put on your hamburgers. And of course, you can’t leave until you try their apple pie.

You will probably want to go to this restaurant after catching their performance of Grease. Their production of this classic is a little different than everyone else’s in that they mix the Broadway and the movie. They have some great actors in this show as well as a live orchestra. This sounds like a show you’ll not not want to miss.

This is one place I would love to go and see myself. Let me know if you are interested.


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