Luxury for July 4th

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Unless something happens that I haven’t heard about yet, I’m pretty sure Monday is going to be a pretty normal day for me. I think my family is going to gather at the beginning of next month, and I will be taking some time off tonight..

Anyway, if you are looking for a last minute getaway for July fourth and don’t mind dropping some cash, here are some ideas.

  • Washington D.C. is a great place to visit during this patriotic holiday. There is always a big celebration on the Mall. The Hay-Adams is a lovely five-star hotel where your view of the celebration will only be rivaled by the White House itself. Of course, there are all kinds of things to do in D.C.. Take a tour of the monument. Explore the Smithsonian museum that interests you and your family most.
  • Or maybe you dream of seeing the fireworks on the great Mississippi River. In New Orleans, you are going to find a wonderful hotel called the Windsor Court Hotel. This is also a five-star hotel that has a pool and a nice spa. And the city of New Orleans has many different things you can explore with your family as well.
  • Another option would be to go to Boston itself, where the dream of freedom started in the first place. For great accommodations, you will wat to go to is the Royal Sonesta. This four-star will have great access to the Charles River whether you want to go to the celebration or just watch from your hotel window.

I would love to know your thoughts on this.


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