Cool cafes in Chicago

I’m not particularly into Starbucks, or coffee in general for that matter, but I know several of my siblings and even their children love the place. I can take it or leave it.. What appeals to me most would be gathering with friends and getting a nice dessert.. But I’m getting off track. Some people consider Starbucks a cafe. Other people say you need to have more variety of foods in order to have a real cafe. Let’s look at some places in Chicago.

The first one is called Kopi Cafe. They are going to have a wide variety of breakfast choices, and will also have different soup, salad and sandwich options later on in the day. It sounds like their menu tends toward vegetarian. The place also has a gift shop and library.. My guess is that the place has a hippee feel to it.

The Pick Me Up Cafe is near Wrigley Field. You are going to find pretty standard cafe food, and they will have food for both vegetarians and meat lovers alike. They are open until early in the morning, as in 2 a.m.. This is a place to kick back and relax, not a place you’ll want to stop by if you’re wanting to grab some food and go somewhere else.

I am going to stop here. Please let me know if you are interested in going to Chicago. I would be more than happy to help you plan a trip.

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