Best places to visit in early fall

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I am going on a retreat next week. It’s something that has come up last minute, so I’m filling out the forms for that and getting excited.. My plan is to work some next week. My family is planning a gathering sometime in August, and I’ll be taking some time off then.

But let’s get started.. If you haven’t had your vacation yet, later August and early fall, minus Labor Day weekend, is a great time to take a vacation. This is especially true if you don’t have schoolage children, or if you’re a homeschooling family. This is because most families are trying to get back into the routine of life. Hotels and other travel venues have some of their slowest in the fall, and often offer good deals and are often opened to negotiations. Let’s look at some places you might want to try.

You might want to take a trip to Canada. This country has some absolutely beautiful places. It is full of beautiful mountain ranges and lovely lakes. Canada is going to also have some excellent skiing if you like that kind of thing. The most popular things to do are to hike the beautiful countryside, to fish in their laks.

Those that love the beach might want to go to Jamaica. Again, you are going to be surrounded by beauty. Jamaica is also a warm and welcoming island. You will likely be able to stay at their resort at a reduced rate. Going in the Fall would also mean a quieter, more relaxed trip.

I would love to know your thoughts about either of these places.

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