Hotel news

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Once again, I think this is a truly beautiful hotel, and wanted to share it on here. This is a resort that will be one of Universal Orlando’s properties. The resort is going to have a Caribbean feel to it, and oh yeah, it is called Sapphire Falls. They are going to have a nice lagoon-type water feature that you and your family can enjoy floating down together. They have a water fall as part of that. They are going to have one of the largest pools in the nation… And of course, you are going to be right near Universal Studios. And you’ll be close to several other theme parks with it being in Orlando.

I’ve never been into gaming much myself, never feel like I want to take on another hobby between working, writing, friends and reading. But I know some people love gaming. MGM is bringing tournament games to the casinos at their Las Vegas resort. You can actually play anywhere in the resort that you want, in your room or beside The pool. It sounds like these games are a mix of casino games and your regular computer games.

Finally, hotels are entering the world of texting. Hotels are starting to embrace this technology as the better way to communicate with guests to figure out exactly what they want. People seem to be communicating less and less with hotels with all of the new technology out there. This is one way hotels can add that personal touch.

I would love to know any thought or questions you might have about any of this.

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