A Disney cruise for the holidays

Next year I’ll know better than  to say that I’ll try to get any work done while at camp. I had a wonderful time at camp, but there was no time to do anything on the side. And now my family is about to gather for our summer vacation. Once we have the vacation, I’ll feel ready to settle into serious work once more.

I have to say that I like having a traditional family gathering around holiday times. And what I mean by that is, all all my family gathers in a home and we do different things throughout the week… But sometimes it’s nice to change things up a bit and do something different.. And that may be even more true if you’ve lost a loved one in the past year. Today let’s look at what Disney Cruises does for the holidays.

We are going to start with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving dinner sounds like a formal affair. Your hosts, Mickey and Minnie, will be dressed to the nines. And after Thanksgiving the celebration of Christmas begins like it does most everywhere else. there will be carol singings. There will be a Broadway style play with Santa, and Anna and Elsa. You will also have the opportunity to make gingerbread house.

I’ll be honest, it isn’t exactly clear to me which celebrations are the Thanksgiving cruise and which are the Christmas cruise. But I can help you figure that out better if you are interested in taking a cruise for the holidays. Please let me know if you are.

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