Planning YOUR dream trip

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There are so many variables when it comes to planning your dream trip.. What do you want as far as sleeping quarters? Do you want the ultimate in luxury, the nicest beds, [and do you like firm or soft beds,], nicest bathrooms, complete privacy? Do you like ream living when going on vacation, living like the natives do? Or do you like doing something in the middle? What about the food? Do you eat very healthy and want to stay with that program no matter what? Or are you someone who says, “heck with diets, I want to eat whatever I feel like whenever I want.”

And then there is the whole question of what you want to do on vacation? Are you trying to see a lot of places in in a short amount of time? Does the thought of a cruise scare you or thrill you? Are you wanting to go to one place and just do absolutely nothing? Are you an adventurer that wants to do all kinds of rock climbing or scuba diving

What you want to do on vacation will also have to do what stage of life you’re in. Vacations tend to change as you go from being single to being a nnewlywed to having a family of your own.

With me being about to head out for another vacation, I don’t think I am going to start anything new. But I think I am going to start working on some quizzes I want people to take.. I would love for you to take these quizzes and pass them around..

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