No, no, you’re doing it wrong

I know I’ve said this before, and I’m likely to say it again, but Americans do vacations all wrong. Most Americans do not take all the vacation time that they ae given. And when they do take vacation time, it is used to do necessary things like errands.. Here are some ways we are currently using vacation time.

  • A lot of us are taking vacation days just to sleep. There is nothing wrong with sleep. All of us need to sleep, and sometimes we do need to take a day to catch on rest. I’m not going to say you’re wrong to take a day off to sleep. But hopefully you don’t need all your vacation time to sleep.
  • A lot of us are taking vacation time to cross off more items off their to do list. Errands are a necessary part of everyone’s life. And when you work nine to five, and the people you need to see are just opened those hours, it can be hard to get anything done without taking time off of work.

I guess the thing to me is that I feel like everyone needs to spend some of that vacation time enjoying being with the people that they love. Everyone needs times where all they do is to enjoy themselves and their loved ones. We can’t just go through life, always just doing the next thing that has to be done. It is good to relax and enjoy yourself.

If you didn’t take a vacation this past summer, I would love to know why. Were you too busy? Was there not enough money? Did you just want to avoid crowds? I’m really just curious.


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