What cruiselines need to do to get millennials on board

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Sometimes it amazes me how much better, more enrgetic and ready to work, I feel on Monday mornings. And I feel even more that way when I’ve gotten to do something fun with friends.. But enough of my silly musings.

Some people tend to think of cruising as something that older people enjoy more than other age groups. But cruiselines are trying to change that thinking and appeal to every generation.. Some of the things I am going to talk about are things being worked on, and other things they need to step it up on.

  • First, a lot of people consider fast internet access something that is to be expected everything you turn. A lot of hotels offer free internet… Okay, I know it would take some more work to figure everything out, but cruiselines should be working towards the same if they want to attract future generations. Most cruiselines are still offering “free internet minutes”, it’s like they’re still in the dark ages or something.
  • People hate to be cramped in the bathroom. Some master suites have bathrooms as large as the bedrooms these days. Most cruiselines are working on making bigger bathrooms for our guests .
  • Having a place to plug in a lamp is nice. But we need a place to plug in our devices when they need to charge. For me, as a disabled person, this is something of a necessity. I have a communication device I need to keep charged, a communication device which is also my computer which is how I do most everything.
  • And please give us a place where we can get nice coffees except throughout the day.  We also want more choices in what we eat. And I do see a lot of cruiselines working on that.

I would love to know your thoughts on this.


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