Looking for end of summer deals?

If some of the things I’ve been sharing lately are starting to make you think that you really do need to take a vacation, here are some ideas for hotels you might want to check out.


When I said deals, I wasn’t necessarily talking about twenty bucks a night, or anything close to that. This first hotel we are going to look at it will cost you about . This hotel is in Boston and is called The Taj Boston. This hotel is going to give you a lot of nice amenities. But one of the nicest things about this hotel is that it’s in the middle of everything you will want to see.


If you have always dreamed of getting out to Vegas, you might want to try out The Venetian. You are going to get a room for around two hundred dollars. That actually sounds high to me, a lot of Vegas is subsidize d by the gambling out there. But The Venetian is a really nice resort, and it’s a place you can go and have plenty to do without leaving the property. Yes, there is a casino right there. You will also find great pools and a lot of places to eat.


out Belize. This is a place you are likely to find a good deal on air. The article I’m reading says that you can get a room for well under $200 at the Ka’ana resort which is in Ignacio. But of course they also have rooms that cost a lot more than that if you would like. They have a wide variety of amenities. I would love to know your thoughts about any of these places.




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