Plan a cruise night

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I’ll be honest, I would love to start doing some cruise nights with different groups. For me, because of my disability, it would be way easier for me to do a virtual cruise night. That means a cruiseline representative and I would do the presentation itself over the internet.

The first thing that you are going to need to do is to decide on a group of friends you want to ask to join you on your cruise. This could be a church group, or home group. It could be a book club. Maybe you have a group of friends from work you’d want to take.. Sometimes a book club or something like that will have a specific theme they’d like to do. If your group has a theme, please let me know.

I have a number of ways I can help you decide on which cruise is right for you and your group. I have read a lot about cruises and can ask you all the right questions. Anything I don’t know I can ask my fellow travel agents. I’ll be more than happy to communicate with you via e-mail. And my e-mail is

Of course, some groups meet on a consistent basis, if your group does, it might be easiest to do your cruise night when you would normally meet. And you’ll know what your group likes as far as refreshments.. You will want to do some decorating. It can be as simple as getting some posters of the places that you will want to go..

The cruiseline representative and I will send you flyers to put out.. At the end of the night, have everyone interested in going on this cruise give you their e-mail addresses, and I can take it from there. Please let me know if you are interested.

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