Millennials and river cruising

Thanks to a couple of my siblings, I have working internet once more. Working at a place where I know I am going to have a pretty limited time is always kind of nerve wracking to me.. But anyway..

Today we are going to talk about millennials and river cruising.. First, why do I talk about millennials so much? But even before that, we need to talk about who millennials are. This is the generation that was born between the early 1980’s to the early 2000’s. A lot of these people are out of college and are starting their careers and their families. In general, this generation loves to explore new things.

This wanting to try new things is what makes this generation perfect for river cruising. River cruising is a relatively new thing in and of itself.. It’s also an easier way to get around, especially to smaller, less explored areas.

The river cruise boats are often pretty luxurious accommodations. You will also be getting a wide variety of foods, and these cruises often make it easier to stay on diets such as gluten free. River cruises tend to take much smaller groups, making it easier for millennials to really get to know each other.

River cruises used to not have much to offer to children, but that is changing as more people are getting interested in this industry.. And leading the way in river cruising for kids is, of course, Disney. I would love to know your thoughts, or any questions you might have.

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