Romance in Maui

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I live in Georgia, so fall is still pretty much a thing we’re only dreaming about these days. I should not be complaining, I sit inside all day. But fall coming, watching the pretty leaves, and feeling like the holiday season might come to us is always a nice feeling.

The only way we really know fall is around the corner is that school is back in session.. I know some school still wait until after Labor Day to start again… But anyway, if you and your husband are tinking that maybe it’s time to do a little romantic getaway, you might want to consider going to Maui. aui has a little something for everyone, whether you like rolling hills or the beach.

The first thing you might want to do is to go up into the mountains really early and watch the sunrise together. Now these mountains can be rather cool this time of day. It will give you a good excuse to cuddle.

If you are into art, you will want to head to Makawao. They have some great art galleries that you will want to explore. There are also nice cafes in the area you will want to try.

And then, of course, there are the beautiful beaches that are great for just relaxing together, talking without interruptions.. Let me know what questions you have about this beautiful place.

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