How cruiselines are improving

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Good Monday morning everyone. I have several other things I would like to get done today, so let’s get started on this..

Businesses are always looking at ways to improve to bring in more business. And cruiselines are definitely no exception to that. Today let’s look at some specific things cruiselines are trying to improve.

  • A lot of people seem to really like the specialty restaurants that are being put on the new ships these days. So when a ship gets its makeover, new restaurants are being added. The restaurants are not necessarily going to charge you extra when you eat there.
  • Ships usually put in more staterooms any time they’re being worked on. Adding more staterooms is just a wise business move. It allows them to take more people in nicer accommodations.
  • Rooms are also being made more comfortable. They are be given upgraded beds, and nicer tvs. I know that they also replace the carpets any time they do a ship upgrade.
  • Ships are also always putting in bigger and better waterslides, which is always popular, especially with families. They’re also always trying to get better shows on board.

I would love to know your thoughts or any questions you might have. Thanks.

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