Preparingto go where you’ve never been


I have things I need and want to do, but this morning was pretty crazy. I had a from my wheelchair guy, and it was just not a morning to work. Things kept coming up. But anyway, I’m here and should have several hours of quiet to work. So let’s get started.

Some people find a place that they love to travel to, and will go back there again and again. Other people are always looking for the next best destination, so that they are always experiencing something new and different. This post is for this second group of people.

  • First, please take some time to take some research on the culture that you are going to visit. The people you’ll be visiting will feel much more respected and valued if you come in knowing something about their culture.
  • You are going to want to learn at least a few key phrases in their language, even if English is widely spoken.. Again, this will help the people you’re visiting feel more respected.
  • Please learn something of their religion. Religion is one of the things we humans value deeply. And this this will help you learn more about their culture.
  • You will also want to know something about the food they eat. This will help you know which foods you will not want to miss out on and which foods you may want to avoid. Learning something about their culture is going to show you how to act.. Take burping as an example. We consider burping to be quite rude. Other places consider it rude if you do not burp.
  • And of course, it always helps to keep an opened mind about everything. New experiences always help you learn and grow.

I want to add one more thing. As your travel agent, it is part of my job to help you learn what you need to about your destination. I can give you the information you need.. Please let me know if you are interested.

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