Travel news

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There are days I look through the travel news, and know exactly what I want to write about. I have an idea and know I am going to be able to write a decent post about the one thing. Today is not one of those days.

The first thing we are going to look at is what airlines owe you when a flight gets cancelled. Basically they owe you nothing over and above refunding your money. They do not have to get you on another flight with another airline. They used to do this more than they do these days. But this matter is now being discussed in Washington D.C.

Delta has announced that it is going to start selling tickets to Cuba on the tenth of this month. The airports you will currently be able to fly out of are JFK, Atlanta, and Miami. Miami is, of course, where a lot of Cubans now live. Delta wants them to be able to get home easily.

And now for some cruise news.. In light of all the terrorism that has been going on in Europe, Holland America has decided to reroute at least some of its cruises that were going to the Mediterranean to Alaska instead. Alaska is a destination is highly sought after.

I would love to know any thought or questions you might have about travel news.


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