Tipping at hotels


My family’s stays in hotels were mainly the times we were moving from one city to another, either that or on an occasional soccer tournament. We stayed with family or friends whenever we would go on vacations.. And I must confess that most of my knowledge about nicer hotels comes through reading travel news or things like that… But today let’s look at some advice on tipping.

The practice of tipping people work in hotels goes back to before the Great War. The richest people would either stay with a family friend in their grand house, or if that was not an option, they would stay in a fancy hotel. Hotels would basically provide room and board for their staff, just like a servant would get in a grand house. Tipping allowed these people to get some treats for themselves.

Obviously that way of life started deteriorating around the time of the Great War. Hotels started paying their staff more and more as time went on. And now, I feel like tipping is mostly done in nicer hotels.. Now let’s take a look at how much is recommended.

  • Tip a person helping you with your bags a couple of dollars for the first bag, and a dollar more for each additional bag.
  • You’ll want to leave the maid staff anywhere from two to five dollars a day, depending on how well they clean. You’ll want to throw in a little more if you have a kitchen in your suite.
  • In general it is not expected for you to tip the concierge, unless they go over and above the call of duty.

I would love to know any thoughts or questions you might have about this..


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