Families at Royal Caribbean

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Families enjoy taking vacations together. And that goes from you, your spouse and your children, to families that include the grandparents, all of their children and spouses and all their. Children are starting to take their friends on family vacations as well. Today let’s take a closer look at what Royal Caribbean has to offer families.

First, let’s talk about the children. Royal Caribbean does have a program for infants. For the littlest ones, six months to three years, they have programs where the parents go with the children to play. They also have nursery times available so that you and your spouse can go have date night, enjoy a nice dinner and a show together.. The children’s programs start when a child turns three. Your child has to be potty trained when they go into these programs. The exception to this rule is if your child has special needs. But the programs stop when your child turns eleven. They’re divided into different age groups. And everyone in this children’s program must be signed in and out by a guardian.

Royal Caribbean has kind of specialized in working with families who have Autistic children. A lot of their staff has been trained in this area. They know the kinds of things you may need to keep your autistic child happy and will make those things available to you.

Royal Caribbean has a lot to offer your teenagers as well. They know that teens are the most likely to get bored on trips like this. So they have teen clubs. They break the kids into two groups, from twelve to fourteen, and from fifteen to seventeen. They’ll have dances and other kinds of parties.

we are going to stop here and will come back to this tomorrow. Again, I would love to know your thoughts.

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