Hotels that allow you to get away from everything

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It’s Monday morning, and I have some different projects I want to look into and start. I’d really like to get some bookings in by the end of the year. And my mind is going a lot of different ways, trying to figure of ways to do that. If anyone here is interested in taking a trip, trip, please let me know. But before I start working on other things, I want to make sure that this does get done.

Summers can be busy for parents, whether their children are toddlers or teens. Summer tends to be a time when there is a lot of activities. And Fall seems to be a time where a lot of people are getting back into the normal routines of life. Fall may be a great time for a romantic getaway with your sweetie. Today let’s look at a couple of hotels where you can get away from everything.

The first one we are going to look at is Secret Bay, which is in the Caribbean. The place sounds like it is pretty remote. You will not have access to twenty-four hour a day news. And they have a deal going on which will you and your spouse a perfect romantic getaway. This package will include an in-room couples’ massage, as well as an yoga session. You will be in a private villa instead of in a hotel. You will be enjoying a welcoming dinner.

If you have always dreamed of going and staying somewhere where stars have stayed, you might want to go to the Casa Kimberly. This is a place where Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton used to spend time together. This place is in Mexico. You will be getting a nice suite. You will also get a massage with aroma therapy. And again, this is in a very remote place which will ensure a good bit of privacy.

Please let me know if you are interested in either of these. You can also let me know if you are interested in taking a romantic getaway of any kind. I’ll be more than happy to help you plan something.

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