Ponant: the French cruiseline

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I have several things I’m thinking about doing. Right now I’m trying to decide what I might start on between today and tomorrow and what will keep until Monday. I’m wanting to get some articles in the newspaper and things like that.

My oldest niece is enamored with Paris and all things French. And I know she is not alone. When we think of French life, we think of luxury, fine wines, fantastic food and pastries, and nice accommodations. Ponant is a luxury cruiseline. They have five ships, and they are going to hold very few guests compared to carnival or something like that. They are going to take less than three hundred guests per ship, giving their guests a level of service and intimacy that few other ships can offer.

The staff on board these ships is going to be highly trained. They will see to all of your needs in an unobtrusive manner. Now since these are much smaller ships, there are only going to be two restaurants you are going to be able to choose from. But you will be eating very fresh foods from the different places you will be visiting.

Ponant may limit itself when it comes to number of guests. But they do have a wide variety when it comes to the destinations you can see with them. They have tours you can do of Europe, which includes Russia. They will go to places in North and South America. You will also be able to explore the Caribbean and other places with Punant..

Yes, Punant is kind of on the expensive side.. You may want to save up and do one of these cruises for a special occasion, like a honeymoon or an important anniversary. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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