Cruising to see America’s fall colors?

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I have a confession to make, I love to go see family and friends, but driving long distances has never been something that I have enjoyed… I have problems with my back which makes driving a pain. And besides, I can’t use my communication device while in the car, so I often get bored on long trips..

If you’re like me and do not like doing lots of driving, but still want to explore some beautiful fall scenery, I have a suggestion for you. I’m always talking about how we can cruise to places outside of the United States, but there are cruises you can take within our great country. True, a lot of cruiselines do Alaska. But today we are going to talk about cruises in the continental U.S. Holland America does cruises in the New England and Canada areas. You are going to be able to choose from seven-night or fourteen-night itineraries. As far as departure ports, you will be choosing between Boston and Montreal.¬†There is also a ten-day cruise which goes from Montreal to New York City.

These cruises are all going to focus on exploring the beauty of fall in your different ports of call. You’ll be exploring places like Quebec, Newport, and Prince Edward, and you will also be seeing different cities in the depending on the itinerary you choose.

And of course, on Holland America you are going to have excellent state rooms. You are also going to have some wonderful restaurants to choose from, as well as some fantastic amenities. I would love to know any questions you might have about any of this. Please let me know..

More on Royal Caribbean and families

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I have several things that I would like to get done today. And I’m kind of feeling like this week hasn’t been the best with work for a variety of reasons. I’ve been having some problems with my internet on and off.. But anyway, I’m managing to get done the things that have to be done from day to day to day, and I’m grateful for that.

Let’s get back to Royal Caribbean.. This is a wonderful cruiseline to take a multi generational family trip with because there is so much for all the different generations to do. This is one of the first cruiselines to have a carousel onboard their ships., which is something most everyone will love. Your ship is going to have an indoor gymnasium where families can play sports together or work out. They are going to have bumper cars.. Some families love to have competitions with one another to gain

You are going to find a lot of different shore excursions with Royal Caribbean. You will get a chance to ride horses. There are also excursions where your family will be riding four wheelers. There is almost always the chance to do scuba diving or snorkeling.. If you let me know what your family is interested in doing, I will be more than happy to help you figure out which cruises will work best for you. Please let me know. bragging rights, and Royal Caribbean has everything from rock climbing to basketball when and if your family wants to get competitive. You are also going to find zip lines on these ships. There is the surfing simulator which is called the Flo Rider. This is a popular attraction for many families.

Families at Royal Caribbean

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Families enjoy taking vacations together. And that goes from you, your spouse and your children, to families that include the grandparents, all of their children and spouses and all their. Children are starting to take their friends on family vacations as well. Today let’s take a closer look at what Royal Caribbean has to offer families.

First, let’s talk about the children. Royal Caribbean does have a program for infants. For the littlest ones, six months to three years, they have programs where the parents go with the children to play. They also have nursery times available so that you and your spouse can go have date night, enjoy a nice dinner and a show together.. The children’s programs start when a child turns three. Your child has to be potty trained when they go into these programs. The exception to this rule is if your child has special needs. But the programs stop when your child turns eleven. They’re divided into different age groups. And everyone in this children’s program must be signed in and out by a guardian.

Royal Caribbean has kind of specialized in working with families who have Autistic children. A lot of their staff has been trained in this area. They know the kinds of things you may need to keep your autistic child happy and will make those things available to you.

Royal Caribbean has a lot to offer your teenagers as well. They know that teens are the most likely to get bored on trips like this. So they have teen clubs. They break the kids into two groups, from twelve to fourteen, and from fifteen to seventeen. They’ll have dances and other kinds of parties.

we are going to stop here and will come back to this tomorrow. Again, I would love to know your thoughts.

Tipping at hotels


My family’s stays in hotels were mainly the times we were moving from one city to another, either that or on an occasional soccer tournament. We stayed with family or friends whenever we would go on vacations.. And I must confess that most of my knowledge about nicer hotels comes through reading travel news or things like that… But today let’s look at some advice on tipping.

The practice of tipping people work in hotels goes back to before the Great War. The richest people would either stay with a family friend in their grand house, or if that was not an option, they would stay in a fancy hotel. Hotels would basically provide room and board for their staff, just like a servant would get in a grand house. Tipping allowed these people to get some treats for themselves.

Obviously that way of life started deteriorating around the time of the Great War. Hotels started paying their staff more and more as time went on. And now, I feel like tipping is mostly done in nicer hotels.. Now let’s take a look at how much is recommended.

  • Tip a person helping you with your bags a couple of dollars for the first bag, and a dollar more for each additional bag.
  • You’ll want to leave the maid staff anywhere from two to five dollars a day, depending on how well they clean. You’ll want to throw in a little more if you have a kitchen in your suite.
  • In general it is not expected for you to tip the concierge, unless they go over and above the call of duty.

I would love to know any thoughts or questions you might have about this..

Where to go to find fall colors


I’ve been having some problems with my internet working.. I’m disabled and use my communication device as my computer. Unfortunately, I’m not able to just jump on another computer and do whatever needs to be done. But anyway, I have internet now, and I am going to make the most of my time.

I spent a lot of my growing up years in the hills of North Carolina and Tennessee. I used to love watching the leaves change. I loved going to bonfires and football parties, for the social aspects, I’ve never been into sports.. Fall does come to Georgia, but it seems to come later and later to me.

I’m ready. I’m ready for cooler weather, to wear sweaters and sweat suit.. For those of you who want to go see some fall colors, here are some ideas. And as far as timing, this article I’m reading is saying anywhere from in a couple of weeks to early November if you want to visit somewhere in the Appalachian area.

Wellsboro, Pennsylvania has some excellent foilage this time of year. This is also home of the Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. The best time to come here would be from late September to early October. There are some nice trails for walking or biking.

This article also brings up Asheville, NC, which was kind of a place a lot of our friends would go when they wanted to shop or have a nice dinner out. The city would especially appeal to people who like to do crafty stuff because there is a lot of knitting stuff, and pottery, and things like that. And experts are saying this is going to be a beautiful place this fall, calling it one of the most beautiful places that you can visit.

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia would be another nice place to visit this fall. And while earlier in the season will not disappoint, later in the season will be absolutely gorgeous. And again, you are going to find a lot of nice trails to enjoy nature.

I am going to stop here and get to some other things. Please let me know your thoughts.

Remembering 9/11

Once again, I apologize. I do not know what’s going on with this blog. All I know is that I can’t really format anything… Obviously, my habit is to do no work on Sundays. Sunday is my day to relax, enjoy church, and hopefully enjoy some time with friends. But I did want to say something about 9/11 since it is a sad memorial, and one that has affected travel tremendously.

First, where was I? I was in the back office Goodwill Industries. must have been working by myself and had no visitors, because I’m pretty sure the first I knew that anything was happening was when Mom came to get me from work. But I do remember that my whole family spent the rest of the day sitting around the radio listening… We live near a military base, and knew a lot of rangers that came and went..

The events of that day made us feel the need for more security, especially in our airports.. Especially in the beginning, we were a lot more wary to travel.. I guess it is something like what Europe is experiencing now..

I pray for the peace of this nation. I pray for the families who have lost loved ones, in the attacks themselves or in the wars that followed. I pray most of all that this nation returns to the Lord.

The best boutiques in Maryland

Once again, there is a lot I want to do today. But of course, I do want to make sure that this gets written before I dive into my other projects.

Growing up, Dad’s job kind of moved us around. In some ways Virginia, where my grandparents lived felt like home to me growing up because we’d always go back there.. But anyway, we also went to Baltimore a couple of times because of Dad’s work.. Anyway, Maryland has a little something for everyone, whether you like cities, or beaches. You might enjoy Maryland if you’re a history buff. Or maybe you’re a sports fan who loves the Ravens. Whatever your interest, you might want to consider these hotels if you are planning a visit.

The first place we are going to look at is the Chesapeake Bay Beach Club. There are just fifty four room, which are split up into six different categories of suites. You will have your choice of several different restaurants. You will also have access to a nice spa.

There is also the Inn at Henderson’s Wharf, which is in Baltimore. Baltimore itself is a fascinating city, and the wharf area has a lot of nice restaurant and nice shopping as well. They will have all kinds of luxurious accommodations. This would make a great place for a business conference, especially if your company does a mixture of business and pleasure.

Annapolis has some great historic inns. These inns date back to the 1700 ‘s. And they keep their historic charm while still providing modern luxuries like nicer televisions and wifi.

I would love to know what questions you have about these places. Please let me know.

Recreate your cruise at home

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I have so many things I would like to get done today. I’m grateful to be getting an earlier start. I’m trying to figure out a new computer program which is hopefully going to make my e-mail easier than it has been lately. And of course I’m always looking for ways to bring new clients in, and actually start making some more money. Let me do this so that I’ll know it has gotten done before tackling my other projects for today.

Have you ever come home from a vacation not quite sure you were ready for the vacation to end? If you find yourself feeling that way after a cruise, here are some things you might want to do in order to help yourself adjust.

  • A lot of cruiselines sell the mattresses you sleep on onboard so that you can enjoy sleeping just as much much once you are. If you loved your cruise bed, you might want to consider this.
  • If what you’re missing most is the beautiful view ¬†from the balcony, try putting a fantastic ocean scene on your large tv or computer screen. You might even want to make it a picture from your trip.
  • Some cruises do their towels into cool animal shapes. You can do that at home as well. I’m sure they have some kind of instructional videos on YouTube if you don’t know how to do this.
  • Most cruiselines are going to have at least some of their recipes available online. Try some of your favorite dishes at home.
  • Or for those that don’t enjoy cooking, there’s always cookout. This won’t be complimentary like it is on some ships, but you can still enjoy some good food.

However, if you have never been on a cruise and you want to try one, I would be more than happy to help you plan one. Please let me know.

Embarkation tips

Sometimes, I’m convinced that this computer knows the days I have so much I want to do, and it chooses those day to give me absolute fits. But anyway, let me go on and do this so that I can get to some other things. And my apologies for this post’s look. I have no idea what’s going on today.

You may be looking to take your very first cruise. Or maybe it’s been a while, and you need to remember the things you need to do before getting onboard. This post is written with you in mind.

The first thing that you are going to keep in mind is that cruises now have online check-in available. You are going to want to take advantage of that so that you will be able to start enjoying your cruise that much quicker. You will be able to give them your passport information online. You will be able to give them your credit card information which will make your onboard purchases easier.

You will want to know exactly what the cruiseline’s policy is when it comes to guests bringing their own drinks onboard. True, most the time it is less expensive to bring your own drinks. But you will be saving nothing if everything is confiscated before you get on your ship.

It is also wisest to download your cruise’s app before setting sail. You should be on your own data plan at that point. Besides, this will enable you to have the app from the beginning of your cruise.

If this has inspired you to take your own cruise, please let me know. I would love to help you plan one.

Travel news

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There are days I look through the travel news, and know exactly what I want to write about. I have an idea and know I am going to be able to write a decent post about the one thing. Today is not one of those days.

The first thing we are going to look at is what airlines owe you when a flight gets cancelled. Basically they owe you nothing over and above refunding your money. They do not have to get you on another flight with another airline. They used to do this more than they do these days. But this matter is now being discussed in Washington D.C.

Delta has announced that it is going to start selling tickets to Cuba on the tenth of this month. The airports you will currently be able to fly out of are JFK, Atlanta, and Miami. Miami is, of course, where a lot of Cubans now live. Delta wants them to be able to get home easily.

And now for some cruise news.. In light of all the terrorism that has been going on in Europe, Holland America has decided to reroute at least some of its cruises that were going to the Mediterranean to Alaska instead. Alaska is a destination is highly sought after.

I would love to know any thought or questions you might have about travel news.