I’m having internet problems at home, that’s why I haven’t done this. I’m not sure what is really going on or how long it is going to be until we get this figured out.

Have we lost the wonder of travel? Have we gotten so used to travel and going anywhere we want whenever we want that we no longer really excited about going anywhere, even to the more exotic places. Are we too busy living our crazy lives, filled with the internet and everything it brings.

When do we really slow down to enjoy our surroundings? Or how often do we put away all the technology to truly enjoy family and friends? We can’t work all the time. It isn’t good for our health. It isn’t good for our families and other relationships.. We need to relax and truly connect with one another.

I apologize. Feel like this is shortand not really put together well. But I’m trying to get several things done in a short amount of time… I’ll I’ll write as I can.

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