Reconnecting as a couple

Sadly, my internet troubles are not over. But we are going to figure this out.. My hope is that we figure it out sooner rather than later.. I’ve been reading business books while I’ve not had internet, and I’m getting some more ideas of what to do..

But is it time to do a romantic getaway.. Have you just gotten too caught up in the day to day of life to really enjoy one another. Here are some ideas you might want to try even at home.

  •  Pick a new hobby to take up together. It could be ballroom dancing, scuba diving, hiking or anything that interests the two of you. This is just a way to spend some more time together.
  • Take some time to sit down together and make a bucket list of things you both would like to do together. Do you want to take a trip together? Do you want to do a date night every week or every other week?

Forget the question of which one of you should cook, cook together. A lot of people are getting into healthy cooking. Cooking together is going to take time, cooking is going to be better for you, and it is usually going to be less expensive.


Do you have other ideas for spending couples time together? Please let me know.


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