About luxury cruises

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When you think of a luxury cruise, what do you think of? Do you think of having someone to wait on your every need? Are you dreaming of equisite food and wine at every turn? Are you looking for a more relaxed, more intimate cruise? Or does the thought of a luxury cruise leave you scared because you think it is going to be so expensive?

It is true that the lines of luxury cruises have been blurred. Cruiselines have started using terms like “ultra luxury” just to get their point across. But let’s look at what the industry considers luxury.

First, from what I hear, on the lower class ships they are going to nickel and dime you on everything. You may be able to get your meals pretty much free, unless you decide to go to a specialty restaurant, you may have to pay for drinks, especially if you want any type of adult beverage. You are going to have to pay for your shore excursions.. You may even have to pay for some of your onboard activities… With luxury cruises, you are not going to have to pay for any of that. You might have to pay for top shelf liquors and spa treatments, but I’ve seen cruises where even those are included.

Luxury also means you are going to have a lot more room to yourself. You are going to get the beautiful bathrooms with showers and bathtubs. You are also have more highly trained people who are going to meet your every need.

But only you know what is most luxurious to you. I would love to help you figure out which cruise is right for you. If you are interested, please let me know.

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