Secrets from airline attendants


Every industry has their secrets which they don’t go around telling everyone they know. But today we are going to look at some secrets aiairline airline attendants told a recent survey.

On an airplane, one of the dirtiest places may be your own seat belt. Have children wiped their noses on it? Has someone been drooling in their sleep on it? Who has spilled food on it? The wisest thing to do is to put some baby wipes in your purse.

Baby wipes might also be a good idea for your laptray, especially if you want to eat off of it. Again, you can never tell what someone else may have done to that tray. They may have used it for a footrest or set a dirty diaper on it.

No one likes to have a rough landing. But sometimes you have to have that rough landing in a storm, or things could get even more dangerous. Please, when the seat belt light is on, wear your seat belt. That will help you and everyone else.

Booking an early morning flight should allow for a smoother ride because the air is actually smoother in the mornings. Also, most thunderstorms usually happen in the afternoon or evening, so that is another reason to book a morning flights.

I would love to know your thoughts on flying. Please let me know.

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