America: all work and no play

America is not taking vacation time. 2016 we took even less vacation time than we did in 2015.. Most manageers agree that their workers need time off.. Without vacation time our bodies do not get the rest that we need. We also do not take the time to really invest in our families like we should.

Most managers agree that we need to take more time off. But a lot of them do not take vacation time off themselves. Some fear the mountain of work that they will have after their vacation. Other people are worried that they may return to work only to find that they have no job.

Still others think that vacations themselves can be stressful. And sure, vacations can be hard if you put pressure on yourself. If Some reasons a vacation could be stressful are.

  • You set yourself a very tight schedule and then nothing turns out the way you hope.
  • You just have high expectations of the vacation and then experience problems.
  • Also going on vacations with people you don’t like or don’t know well can turn into a mess.

People also feel guilty when they do take time off.. And maybe that’s part of why I’m doing this now.. I have some time where I can do this. And I’m not sure at all what the rest of this week is going to look like. I’m just going to have to play this week by ear.

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