About upgrades

Everyone has heard the story of how “Uncle Bob” got the cheapest vacation he could find, but then ended up getting a really nice upgrade.. Upgrades do happen, today let’s look at how.

  • First, getting an upgrade is never a guaranteed thing. Please remember that. Usually you are going to get exactly what you’ve paid for and nothing more. However, you will want to be up front with all of your travel information. Include your Frequent Flyer Mile, as well as any kind of hotel program you might be part of.
  • Are you traveling for a special occasion? It will never hurt to let your hotel know that it’s your birthday or anniversary. If it’s your child’s birthday, let them know that as well.
  • Like most places, hotels and other travel vendors are going to notice when you’re polite and smiling. Many people are too busy these days to stop and say please or thank you. Most people tend to forget that the people helping them are actual humans themselves.

These are just a few ideas. Can you think of others? ease let me know.


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