Cruising by yourself?


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Cruises are a lot of fun when you go with a large group of people. It’s fun to try the different restaurants, or have your  own competitions on the different sports courts, or all go to the shows together. But what do you do when you are the only one among your family and friends that wants to go on a cruise? You take a cruise by yourself, and then tell them how wonderful it is.

You need to know that the single upcharge is quickly becoming a thin of the past. Some cruiselines have whole sections of ships that are dedicated to single passengers. That part of the ship is usually more secure. They’ll have socials just for you.

Okay, so meals can get lonely if you are by yourself. This is a great time to catch up on your reading. Find out if you like doing crossword puzzles. Go to more casual restaurants. Sit up at the bar instead of at a table. Or make friends on the cruise. A lot of people are going to welcome new friends. That is part of the fun of a cruise.

But of course, when you’re travel all by yourself, you will want to be careful about who you meet and spend time with. You shouldn’t be all alone with someone you just met. Stay in places where there are lots of people.

And once you get back from your cruise, your job is to tell everyone you know about cruise and how much you enjoyed your cruise.. And your next job is to get your group to book their cruise with me.


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