Have a staycation

I’m always talking about how taking a vacation can help your family bond. Getting away from your day to day routines, adults taking time away from work, children taking time away from school and other activities just to spend time together as a family is always great and well worth the effort. But sometimes you simply can’t leave your hometown. Maybe money is just super tight. Or maybe you have a sick family member that needs to stay close to your family physician. If you are looking at doing a staycation, here are some ideas.

  • I was actually doing this with my family this weekend. Sometimes you just want to relax and watch movies all day. Perhaps your family has a favorite movie or television series everyone likes to watch together. Make sure to have your favorite snacks available. You might even want to order or something so you can keep on binging.
  • Make meal prep fun by everyone getting in the kitchen together. You may want to start your time together by going to the grocery store and getting fun food you plan on making through this time. You do not have to eat certain things at Specific times. I love having pancakes and bacon or sausage for dinner. And there re is all kinds of things you can do with pancakes. You can add fruit, nuts, or chocolate chips to make pancakes more fun. You may also want to do a candlelit dinner and have everyone work on their best manners.
  • Take a day to go exploring your city. Is there a museum you’ve never gone to? Is there a restaurant you want to visit, but have never taken the time? Are your kids wanting to go to the playground, but you’re always feel too busy? Your staycation is the perfect time to do all these things.

We are going to look at this more tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts.

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