Staycation #2

First, I need to let you know that we are going to be gone from tomorrow until Monday. I’m not sure whether I am going to work during this time or not. I will see what we end up doing, and just play this by ear.

I have some ideas for this business for ways to hopefully get some actual clients coming my way. I’ve been writing some articles, and think I’m ready to start sending them out to.. My idea is to send them to Huffington Post. I’m not sure how much of a long shot that is.. I’ve also written a questionnaire that I would love people interested in becoming my clients to take. Please let me know if you are interested.

Now, let’s get back to discussing staycations.

  • There are some things that you will want to discuss before your staycation starts. If everyone is on their device playing on the internet the whole time, you are not going much of a bonding experience. You might want to set a rule saying that devices are to be left in each person’s bedrooms, and can only be used first in thing e morning or right before bed. Parents need to abide by this rule as well.
  • Spas are something you are going to see at a lot of resorts or on cruise ships. Have a spa day. If the guys are totally not into the spa day thing , let them go play their favorite sport. You want this day to be relaxing for everyone. Do massages, do mani/pedis for everyone.
  • Some families are huge literary families where everyone loves to read. If that ‘s your family, try going to the book and picking out good books for everyone. Yes, they still have books that are not on devices..
  • Go out to coffee or breakfast. Take time to really enjoy your food and each other. You may also want to try doing breakfast in bed one morning..

I would love to know some other things your family might like to do together..

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