Booking late for Thanksgiving?

The best idea for booking travel is to do all your booking as soon as you know you are going.. But there is also something to be said for booking at the very last minut e. You can usually score deals at both ends of the spectrum. You will have exactly what you want more readily if you do book early.. But here are some tips on booking late.

  • First you will want to book now. Prices are only going to go up from this point.. And with air, you may have to spend more because all the lower class seats are taken.
  • You will definitely want to do some shopping around.. Don’t go to your phone and just book the first thing that you see , unless money is truly no concern. Set aside sometime this weekend to really look around.
  • It sounds like Southwest is the only airline that will not share its information with any of the other travel websites. So you will want to look at their website as well.

Air will get cheap if you plan to leave on Thanksgiving Day.. You can leave really early and can still make it in time for Thaksgiving dinner.

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